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Chad Metcalf

Senior System Engineer at Docker

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About the author

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I got the crazy idea that I wanted to get a PhD in Molecular Immunology. Somewhere in the towards the end of my bachelors degree I traded a pipette for a keyboard. And I have not looked back since.

I have written software for next generation military soldier systems and unmanned ground vehicles for DARPA. I did a stint in wireless sensor networks picking up a masters degree along the way. The sensor network work lead me to Berkeley and my first startup Arch Rock (acquired by Cisco).

Arch Rock lead the way to Cloudera where I built out the “Kitchen” team. Build,test, release, and infrastructure under one roof. From there I went to WibiData to build another Kitchen.

After years being on-call 24/7/365 I wanted a change. I have used Puppet since 2009 so I took Solutions Architect role at Puppet Labs and traded a pager for a plan.

Fast forward to today and I’m at Docker, helping our customers accelerate their application development. Its exciting to be part of a new company with a product that is changing the face of software. Stay tuned.

I live in San Francisco with my wife and 85 pound American Bulldog. Fun fact, I almost didn’t work for Cloudera and very nearly traded a keyboard for a chef’s knife teaching at a small culinary school in Berkeley. I still love to cook, drink wine, and day dream of cooking professionally (until I remember how hard it was to even pretend to do it).